Duddon Valley Weekend. 23/23rd September

We had a big turnout for the Duddon Valley weekend with 13 members staying in High Moss (Rucksack Club Hut) as Bill’s guests.

Saturday was a beautiful day. Three of us headed off to walk towards Dow crag via Seathwaite Tarn. When we reached Goat’s Hawse we decided to avoid the stream of walkers heading up to Coniston and instead headed straight to the summit of Dow Crag for lunch. We followed the ridge to the Walna Scar Road and headed back in the direction of Seathwaite. Instead of going straight back we decided to turn south at the quarries and walk down past Dawson Pike, Yaud Mire and then follow the River Lickle which took us down a lovely Valley. We then turned back north west over Long Mire and joined Old Park Beck which conveniently took us straight to The Newfield Inn for a welcome drink. All in all a lovely walk. Catherine would have added on an extra few miles at the beginning or end of the walk but was thankfully out voted by Martin and myself. Phew !

Looking back along Seathwaite Tarn
Martin above The River Lickle Valley looking back the towards the way we came

After much discussion the climbers decided against Dow Crag due to the weather forecast which was a good idea as it was very cold and windy up on the summit whilst we had our lunch. They instead opted for some of the crags below Seathwaite Tarn. The consensus seemed to be that it was more of a scrambling location and would not merit a second visit.

Due to an unexpected bed collapse overnight in the ladies room Bill opted to stay behind and do some DIY to ensure a good night’s sleep for all. For any future visitors to High Moss the bed is now safe and solid !

The weather changed completely on Sunday with heavy persistant rain. Despite Catherine having planned a short walk for Sunday only four of us braved the walk which turned out to be very exciting and wet particularly when we reached the ‘Stepping Stones’. The walk took us across Tarn beck and then The River Duddon (Stepping Stones !) then beside the River and round behind Wallowbarrow Crag and back towards the Pub. Strange how all routes seem to end by the Pub. By then we were completely soaked so it wasn’t really polite to drip our way into the Pub so back to the hut to dry off and have a cup of tea. Another lovely walk although a full dry suit and waders would be advised if repeating the walk in heavy rain.

Dave negotiating the Stepping Stones

Another fantastic weekend meet.