Coronavirus and Club Activities

The Club's Covid-19 Policy can be read here:


Update October 2021

We are cautiously resuming hut-based weekend meets.  Details of the programme can be found on the weekend meets page.  These may be subject to additional restrictions imposed by the owners of the huts, and of course are subject to any changes in official government guidance.  Different rules apply to England, Wales and Scotland.

You will be asked to take a lateral flow test before attending a meet.


Update July 2021

Since 19 July all restrictions have been lifted in England. We no longer have to carry out formal risk assessments or worry about group sizes.  However we still ask members to be careful and to be considerate of the needs of other members.

The Committee is considering how to manage the meets in huts which are arranged for the rest of the year.  As a first step we are contacting the hut owners to see what their requirements are.  Those attending will be asked to take a lateral flow test beforehand.

Please note that some restrictions are still in place in Wales and Scotland.



Update June 2021

Outdoor activities are now permitted in groups of up to 30 people.  Larger  organised groups are permitted but would have to follow BMC guidance and carry out a risk assessment. 

Car sharing is now permitted but with some restrictions.  It is still advised to share only with your household or bubble where possible.


There is more information on the BMC website

Update March 2021

Under current guidance, organised outdoor sports will be allowed for groups of up to 30 people from 29 March.  We are planning to resume rock climbing, walking and weekend meets, subject to following BMC protocols and official guidance.  For further details see the page for the appropriate activity.

Obviously these programmes can be only provisional and may have to change if official guidance alters.


Update 1 January 2021

Since Thursday we have all been in Tier 4, where the message is stay home and stay local.  The BMC guidance for Tier 4 areas is that club meets should be suspended.  Happy New Year.


Update December 2020

Following the end of lockdown, the BMC has advised that clubs can resume some activities, subject to the guidance issued in October.   The December walk will now be taking place, and we will be planning future events (subject to any further changes in the regulations)

The club's membership is split between Tiers 2 and 3, and much of the Peak District is in Tier 3. Members are reminded that official government advice is to avoid travel between tiers, however this is guidance and not law, and our activities will be taking place in remote areas under a risk assessment and maintaining social distancing where possible.  When attending a club activity, members should keep this guidance in mind and consider whether it is appropriate for them to travel between tiers.


Update 1 November 2020

New lockdown rules come into effect on 5 November. All club activities are suspended.


Climbing walls have had to close.  Outdoor exercise is allowed, with your own household or bubble, or with one other person from outside your household, but organised outdoor activities for up to 30 people (previously allowed under BMC protocols) are not permitted.



Update October 2020

The BMC has published guidance on how the latest Covid Tier restrictions affect climbing and walking. You can read this here:

For us, this only affects organised walks as these are the only activities the club is formally running at the moment.  The September guidance which permits larger groups still applies.

Indoor climbers are reminded that if you live in Tier 2 or Tier 3 you must not meet indoors with anyone who is not in your own household or support bubble, and travel into a different Tier area is discouraged.


Update September 2020

Following guidance issued by the BMC, organised club activities can now take place outdoors with up to 30 participants.  However we must comply with a number of requirements, which include:

  1. The club must have a formal Covid-19 Policy, which you can download below

  2. We must carry out a risk assessment for each activity

  3. Numbers are to be restricted

  4. Names and contact details must be recorded and stored, for tracing purposes

  5. Participants must be briefed on what to bring, and on hygeine measures during the activity

  6. In order to carry out activities in Wales, the club must appoint a Covid-19 Officer. 

       Howard Jones has taken on this role.

In order to manage numbers and keep records, places on all activities must be booked through Webcollect.  If anyone needs help registering with Webcollect, please contact Howard Jones

You can read the BMC Guidance here:

Please note this applies only to official activities carried out under the club's auspices ie the monthly walks programme and weekend meets.  Any activities arranged by members between themselves do not qualify for this exemption and are subject to the current national and local rules on group sizes for socialising.


Julia has already been organising walks, but these were limited to 6 people.  We are now allowed to have larger groups, although numbers may still be limited to keep them manageable.  Places must be booked in advance using Webcollect. You will be asked to confirm that you have read and understand the information provide, and may be asked to confirm that you do not show symptoms of Covid-19.


The club will not be publishing a rota of climbing walls for Tuesday evening climbing, as attendance cannot be guaranteed and walls might have to close at short notice.  Members who wish to make their own informal arrangements should comply with national and local rules on group sizes and comply with the wall's own procedures.

Weekend Meets

Hut meets will not be possible for the forseeable future.  The Committee is considering plans for 2021 and it is likely that if weekend meets can take place they will probably be camping.


Due to restrictions on group sizes, the monthly social evenings will continue online on the first Thursday of every month.  Julia will send out the link by email beforehand.

If you have any queries or suggestions please contact Howard Jones