Why “Innominata”?


Innominata means “un-named”, and is the name of a classic ridge on Mont Blanc. Think about it.


Will you teach me how to climb?


Yes and no. There is a long tradition of climbing clubs showing novices “the ropes” and many of us started our climbing careers through joining clubs. However we are not qualified to provide formal tuition, and if you have not climbed before we recommend that you obtain professional instruction to learn how to belay and other safety basics. Once you have the basic skills you will then have the opportunity to climb with more experienced climbers and pick up tips from them. See our “Guidance for new members” for more information.


Does the club provide equipment?


No. You will need to provide yourself with a harness, belay device and suitable climbing shoes. We also advise wearing a helmet. However, to begin with you will be climbing with more experienced members who will have ropes and other gear. Over time you will be able to assemble your own rack piece by piece, rather than face a large outlay all at once, and will also have a better idea of what you need.


Similarly for walking you will need to provide yourself with suitable boots and clothing, including waterproofs.


As a club member you will benefit from a discount at many outdoor retailers, usually 10% but sometimes as much as 15%.


I’m not really interested in rock climbing


That’s fine, many of our members are “only” walkers. We have a full programme of walks and scrambles, and our trips away usually offer opportunities for both climbing and walking.


Can I bring my dog?


Many club members have dogs, and well-behaved dogs with responsible owners are welcome on many club activities. However bear in mind that dogs may not be allowed on some Access Land. Please also consider whether the activity is suitable for your dog – we will often be going into steep and rocky terrain, sometimes in severe weather, and not all dogs will be able to cope. If in doubt, ask the event organiser beforehand.


Dogs are not allowed in most climbing huts, so if you're thinking of bringing your dog on a weekend meet think about where it will sleep. Many campsites in mountain areas are on farms and do not allow dogs, so check beforehand.


Please keep your dog under control, on a lead around livestock, and pick up your mess!


Where do you stay on weekend meets?


Unlike some clubs we don’t own our own hut (so no working parties), instead we usually hire a hut from another mountaineering club. These vary considerably, but typically will provide fairly basic accommodation where you will be sleeping in bunks or on long alpine mattresses (often in mixed dorms). You will need a sleeping bag, and may wish to bring a pillow or at least a pillowcase.


Huts have cooking facilities, which can be anything from a Baby Belling to a full professional kitchen. Sometimes someone will volunteer to organise a communal meal, if not people cater for themselves or in small groups, or go to the pub!


This is communal living, so you need to be ready to give-and-take, be prepared to muck in, and not be too fussy! If you approach it with the right attitude it is a lot of fun. Furthermore, huts usually cost only a few pounds a night (sometimes cheaper than camping) and are usually in great locations.

Sometimes we stay at private hostels and bunkhouses, or at Youth Hostels. In the summer we will often camp.

What is Webcollect?

Webcollect is a website which allows you to book and pay for Club activities (mainly the weekend meets) online. There is an option to pay by Direct Debit when you make the booking, but you can also choose to pay by cheque or bank transfer.  It is a third-party provider and you will need to register separately and sign into your account when you use it


This makes things easier for the person running the meet, and we hope easier for you, so we encourage you to use it.  However it is not mandatory, and if you prefer you can make a booking by contacting the meet organiser.  They will then make an "administrator booking" on your behalf, to tell Webcollect that another place has been taken.

You can also use it renew your annual subscription.

Click on the button to go to the Club's Webcollect page:


What is the background photo on the website?

Evening light in the Picos de Europa in northern Spain, taken from near the Refugio de Urriellu at the foot of the Naranjo de Bulnes during a club trip.  © Howard Jones