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Why “Innominata”?

Martin Euston started the club. Martin planned to do Innominata Ridge on Mont Blanc. His partner could not go at the last minute. As a result he chose the name Innominata which means “nameless” in Italian.

Will you teach me how to climb?

There is a long tradition of climbing clubs showing people new to climbing the basics of safety and techniques. Many of us started our climbing with friends or through joining clubs. However, times change and we are not qualified to provide formal tuition. If you are new to climbing, climbing walls offer training in climbing, belaying and other safety basics. With the basic skills you can climb with more experienced climbers and pick up tips from them. See our Guidance for New Members for more information.

Does the club provide equipment?

No. For Hill Walking you will you will need to provide yourself with suitable boots and clothing, including waterproofs.

For climbing you will need to provide yourself with a harness, belay device and suitable climbing shoes. We also advise wearing a helmet. However, to begin with you will be climbing with more experienced members who will have ropes and other gear. Over time you will be able to assemble your own rack piece by piece. Learning your gear preference before spending a lot of money .

Check the Membership Benefits for discounts on outdoor gear usually 10% but sometimes as much as 15%. You may also get last years kit at a knock down price.

I’m not really interested in rock climbing?

That’s fine, many of our members are hill walkers or scramblers. Our programme of walks and scrambles, and our weekends away usually offer Hill Walking and Scrambling as well as climbing.

Can I bring my dog?

Many club members have dogs, and well-behaved dogs with responsible owners are welcome on many club activities. However bear in mind that dogs may not be allowed on some Access Land. Please also consider whether the activity is suitable for your dog. We may be going into steep and rocky terrain and with poor weather, not all dogs will cope. If in doubt, ask the event organiser beforehand.
Dogs are not allowed in most climbing huts. If you’re thinking of bringing your dog on a weekend meet think about where it will sleep. Many campsites in mountain areas are on farms and do not allow dogs, so check beforehand.
Please keep your dog under control, on a lead around livestock, and please clear up after your dog.

Where do you stay on weekend meets?

We don’t own our own hut. This has the advantage of no working parties. Instead we usually hire a hut from another BMC affiliated club paying more than their members. Please see “Where do we stay when away” and “What does it cost?” on this page.

​What is WebCollect?

​WebCollect is a website which allows you to book and pay for Club activities for a more detailed explanation look here.