Guidance for new members


IMC welcomes adults of all abilities. You must be 18 or over to join.  Unlike some clubs, we do not require new members to go through a probationary period or for rock climbers to achieve a minimum climbing grade. However we do expect you to have at least the basic skills for the activities you will participate in, and above all we ask you to be enthusiastic and willing to fit in with others. 


If you are a novice, please note that we do not provide formal training, neither do we provide equipment. If you have not climbed before, or are returning to the sport after a break, we recommend you seek professional training. Courses can be found at local climbing walls, from providers such as Plas y Brenin and Glenmore Lodge, or from qualified instructors (contact the Association of Mountaineering Instructors to find one).

However, whilst we don't provide formal training, one of the benefits of being in a club is the opportunity to go out and learn from people with many years of experience. Our members have climbed, walked and trekked in many different parts of the world, and most will be happy to pass on their knowledge and experience.

Climbers: Before coming on a climbing meet, we do expect you to be a competent belayer, capable of belaying a leader (so not just a top rope), able to tie on to the rope with a figure of eight, and that you have the minimum gear, ie harness, belay device and rock shoes. For climbing outdoors, we recommend you also have a suitable helmet. No matter how experienced you appear to be, when you first come along you should expect that we will keep an eye on you until we know you better, and less experienced climbers can expect to be supervised until we can satisfy ourselves that you can belay safely and confidently.

Walkers: Please make sure that as a minimum you have: waterproof jacket & trousers, warm clothing, gloves, walking boots, packed lunch and a drink. We also assume that you are fit enough to complete the walk, so please check the details of the length, height gain and terrain of the walk to make sure it is within your capabilities.

In short, we expect you to be able to take responsibility for yourself! Whilst club members will organise activities, and perhaps plan and lead a route, they are not there to take care of you!  It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the necessary skills, abilities, fitness and equipment for any activity you participate in. This is not only for your own safety but that of those around you.

We draw your attention to the BMC Participation Statement at the foot of this page.