IMC Safety Policy

1 Introduction

  • Mountaineering is a hazardous activity which takes place in a hazardous environment.The Club gives no undertaking that any activities carried on at Club events are safe.
  • The rôle of the Club is to provide opportunities for members to climb and hill walk together and to arrange accommodation. Except where activities are expressly organised by the Club, it is up to members to decide between themselves what activities they will undertake on Club meets.
  • Members must satisfy themselves that any proposed activity represents a level of risk acceptable to them, having regard to their experience, capabilities and other circumstances

2 Conduct

  • Members are reminded that they are morally and legally responsible not only for their own safety but that of their companions and others.
  • Only fully paid-up Club members may attend Club meets – this is to comply with BMC insurance requirements. The only exception is for potential new members who may attend meets for up to one month before joining
  • Members are expected to conduct themselves in a safe and responsible manner that is respectful to others and to the environment
  • Members are expected to observe good practice and to use equipment and techniques appropriate to the activity being undertaken.
  • Any member who in the opinion of the Committee behaves in an unsafe manner may be liable to suspension or expulsion from the Club

3. Beginners

  • The Club does not provide instruction or tuition.
  • Nevertheless, the Club welcomes novice members and will introduce them to mountain activities provided individual members are prepared to accept responsibility for them. This is in accordance with the traditions of the sport.
  • Members who supervise beginners are reminded that they are responsible for their safety
  • Novices are recommended to undertake formal tuition from a recognised and qualified provider

4. Emergencies

  • On Club meets, if any member(s) fail to return to the accommodation when expected then a decision will have to be made whether to call out the Mountain Rescue (via the Police). This decision will be influenced by a number of factors, including the experience and capabilities of the member(s) concerned, the time of year and weather conditions, etc. Responsibility for making this decision will rest with any Committee members attending the meet, or if there are no Committee members, the Meet Organiser.
  • Should the missing members fail to return or make contact by midnight then the Mountain Rescue must be called
  • In other emergencies, members are expected to offer whatever assistance they can, having regard to their own experience, capabilities and personal safety