Booking a Place


WebCollect is a third party provider that has been set up to make managing payments to clubs a lot easier. We use it for members to book a place and pay for Club activities online such as weekend meets.

We prefer that you pay for weekend meets using Direct Debit through WebCollect. This reduces the considerable administrative burden on the meet organisers.

There is an option to pay by bank transfer but this complicates matters and adds to the work of meet organisers ensuring that all the places have been booked and paid for.

You will need to register separately and sign into your account.

Sign up at

If you are unable to use the facility contact the meet organiser. They will arrange payment and then make a note that a place has been taken.

​To find out more about WebCollect go to

​About Direct Debits

WebCollect offers the option to pay for a booking at the time you make it. To do this you will need to set up a Direct Debit – this is done through WebCollect. WebCollect use another provider, GoCardless.​

If you can’t use direct debit, payment can be made by bank transfer which increases the administration load on the meet organisers. We can accommodate it if there is a reason you can’t use Direct Debit

Once you have set up a Direct Debit, payment will be taken only when you place an order through WebCollect when you book onto a meet.

​To find out more about GoCardless go to

​To go to the Club’s WebCollect page click on the button: